The Silentium

Our classic one person booth

$6,895 …straight up. This is the actual price. Yes, that means it includes GST!

Soundproof — Our booths are engineered for privacy. Soundproof on the inside, beautiful on the outside.

Local — We’re Australian designed, owned and operated. Premium quality on all fronts and about 50% of the price of the most comparable alternative

Tailored — Love us as we are. Or, design something special, depending on your aesthetic.

Comfy and Ventilated — LED lights. Fresh air. And plenty of space to dance… if you so choose. Whisper quiet fans keep the fresh air circulating. Smart.

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Vox is 100% owned and operated right here in Australia with all materials FSC Approved. Reach out to book a demo at our Melbourne showroom.

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Australian designed and owned

VOX Booths are Australian designed and owned. Made with the highest quality materials but $500 cheaper than our closest competitor.


Want something unique?

Our booths are completely customisable, so reach out and let’s discuss your project!

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Looking for more than one? We do bulk orders!

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The details


Exterior H 2260mm x W 1075mm x D 1100mm

Interior H 2100mm x W 980mm x D 1030mm

Desk height 1150mm CL

Power cord 3000mm


Capacity 1 person (unless you’re cuddling)

Weight 300kg

Power requirements 240V

Outlets support Single GPO USB/USBC port

Airflow 1m3/min



All materials comply with relevant Australian and New Zealand safety standards.


We offer a 5-year limited warranty on every booth you purchase. We cover the full cost of repairs or replacements needed due to manufacturing defects.

“It’s a great way to have an impromptu conversation, without needing to book a room.” – Creative Cubes Co.